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Australians Weird Interview at US Airport

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With the latest travel bans in effect from US President Donald Trump Australian citizen David Thornton experienced a strange interview from a US Customs and Border Protection officer.

David a software engineer from Sydney was expecting to be questioned upon his arrival at Newark Airport but didn’t expert the interview he was about to receive.

According to it went something like this.

Customs Officer: Have you been here before?
David: Yes

Customs Officer: How long are you here?
David: 10 days.

Customs Officer: What will you be doing?
David: Vacationing.

At this point David thought he would be allowed into the US so proceeded to pick up his bags when he was asked one more question.

Customs Officer: What do you do for a living?
David: I’m a software engineer

Then it went weird

Customs Officer: Do you know Python code (Which is a computer programming language)
Customs Officer: I’ve got a problem, I’m trying to write a computer program, can you help me?
David: Of course

David was so surprised he didn’t know what to think and got the feeling that the officer was trying to trick him.

For the remaining part of the conversation David was given a pen and paper to record his answers and prove his worth with a computer science test. He clearly passed this test as he was allowed into the country a short time later.

David obviously took this in no bad fashion and a light-mannered way but thinks it will surely put people off.

See the tweet from expert science and technology journalist Seth Porges #NotKidding

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