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Australian’s in favour of a ‘migration bloc’

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A recent survey of 4000 people conducted by Mr Tim Hewish of the Royal Commonwealth Society  in London has shown a majority of support by Australians for a suggested ‘migration bloc’ between Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

So what is a migration bloc? A migration bloc is an agreement between countries of having reciprocal open borders such as countries in Europe have between each other. The four nations at the centre of this study were all surveyed with the following results of shows of support:

  • Australia 70%
  • Canada 75%
  • New Zealand 82%
  • United Kingdom 58%

As seen in the figures, there is some reluctance with the UK residents surveyed as the country and it’s government openly struggles with immigration issues from the EU. An upcoming referendum may be be further restricting rights for international workers with a proposed minimum income required before being eligible for the Tier 2 visa to stay in the UK.

With all four countries a part of the Commonwealth a migration bloc would make an interesting change to the immigration laws and visas.

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