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Australian working visas to UK questioned in report

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Every year thousands of Australian’s travel over to the United Kingdom to work, live and travel.  The relationship between the two countries has always been a strong one bound by the connection through the Commonwealth union. However, a new report from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has implied that the relationship will soon be changed due to new immigration policies.

The new restrictions have not only been a cause of concern for Australian visa applicants but also to  many London-based businesses having difficulties in sourcing skilled workers.  Next year it has been proposed that heavy restrictions will be placed on  spouses right to work and intra-country transfers.  This has come after a change in 2011 where skilled-worker visas were capped from applicants outside of Eastern European Nations.

This change is only going to further strain the immigration between the two countries with a notable 50% drop in Australian migration to the UK between 1999 and 2011.

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