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Australian Visa Boom As America Clamps Down

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Donald Trump always pledged to clamp down on companies that hire foreigners over Americans. Now that he is President he has now done so aiming at some high-skilled visas the Silicon Valley desperately need.

Starting from Monday the 10th April 2017 there will be greater scrutiny on the skilled visa program where immigration enforcers will step up visits to employers to ensure they are not trying to get through loop holes to secure an American worker first.

Both swipes at the program come days after U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a policy that rethinks the way the government awards H-1B visas to computer programmers. Now, companies must prove that the programmers they’re hoping to hire are doing special, complex jobs requiring unique technical expertise.

A lot of people in the tech industry are expecting Donald Trump to order a clamp down on the H-1B visa program

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