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Australian Government to strengthen immigration laws in light of terrorism threats

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Dual citizens will be stripped of their citizenship rights if they are proven to be involved with terrorism including foreign fighters returning to Australia. 

On Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced in a national security statement that in addition to citizenship being reviewed, the immigration process will also go through some changes. 

“These could include restricting the ability to leave or return to Australia, and access to consular services overseas, as well as access to welfare payments.” Mr Abbott said as part of his speech. 

Entry visas into Australia will be under a new legislation allowing the Department of Immigration and Border Protection the authority to refuse approval for protection visas if the applicant has destroyed all of their identification records. 

Mr Abbott also confirmed there will be changes made to give authority to government officials to review and revoke Australian Citizenship of any individuals who are deemed a security risk. “The government will develop amendments to the Australian Citizenship Act so that we can revoke or suspend Australian citizenship in the case of dual nationals.” 

To administer these recommended changes, the government will adopting a National Security Coordinator and increasing the amount of data collected and made available on individuals of concern. 

The Prime Minister assured the Australian public that these changes will only effect those who are in the wrong. “We are a country built on immigration and are much the richer for it.”

To watch the full National Security Statement, click here

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