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Australian Government proposes new Premium Investment Visa

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The Australian government is in the process of discussing and reviewing the proposal for a new Visa which is specifically aimed at international investors whom can meet a $15 million threshold of eligible investment in Australia.

The proposed Premium Investment Visa (PIV) differs from the current Significant Investment Visa (SIV) as it offers a more efficient route for international investors to apply and gain permanent residency within Australia.

The premise behind the new proposed PIV was explained by Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb. “We are keen to attract additional investment which supports innovation and which provide new sources of growth capital.”  As with the Significant Investor Visa, real estate will not contribute to the applicants overall investment amount. “Our aim, as part of our broader competitiveness agenda, is to attract more investment into Australia that make a material difference to supporting sustainable growth, productivity and job creation.”

The introduction of the Premium Investment Visa will commence after July 2015. If you would would like more information about the existing Significant Investor Visa or details on the proposed new PIV, please contact one of our experienced migration agents based in Brisbane, Australia.

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