Australian government cracks down on illegal payments for Visa's
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Australian government cracks down on illegal payments for Visa’s

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The Australian government recently announced it will be prosecuting businesses whom have been proved guilty of receiving monetary payments in return for sponsoring a visa applicant. The announcement comes on the back of several individuals and companies being reported for receiving what can be referred to as ‘pay-offs’ in exchange for sponsorship into Australia.

With a growing number of skilled workers going through the legitimate process of application, the government, Australian businesses and visa applicants alike, have welcomed this announcement.

The penalties for receiving money and arranging sponsorship range depending on the individual case but some of the penalties include:

  • Two years imprisonment
  • Fines of up to $324,000
  • Civil penalties of up to $216,000
  • Cancellation of Visa (if accused is currently holding a visa)

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