Australian Government called to protect Working Holiday Visa holders
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Australian Government called on to protect Working Holiday Visa holders

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The Australian Government is under pressure to put more measures in place to protect visitors to Australia who are working under the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417). The push for the review has come after it was revealed a Working Holiday Visa holder was being paid less than $1.35 per hour by a Tasmanian business owner.

The Visa is particularly appealing to young people who wish to travel, study or work in Australia for the duration of the Visa which is 12 months.

The Working Holiday Visa allows successful applicants to:

Study (maximum time of 4 months)

Work in Australia (for up to 6 months per employer)

Travel (up to 12 months)

Leave and re-enter Australia while the Working Holiday Visa is valid

If you are working under the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) your employer is expected to provide the following:

A safe working environment

Correct rate of pay according to Government standards for that position

Access to payslips

Correct overtime rates

If you are wanting any information on the Working Holiday Visa or any other Working Visa for Australia, please contact our head office and speak to one of our experienced migration agents.

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