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Australia. The land of opportunity for migrants.

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There are many great opportunities for those who are creative and willing to have entrepreneurial spirit when coming to Australia.

Australia is “a country of many different landscapes and diverse cultures with a high quality of life and provides a wide range of different opportunities to anyone willing to have a go. If you feel you hold a have a go attitude then Australia is certainly the place to allow this to happen.

Anybody can come to Australia and given what they call by Australian standards “the Australian fair go”, however it is not to be expected that it is an easy ride, you have to put the hard work in to reap the returns.

Australian migration is usually capped at around 200,000 people but each year around 600,000 migrants are granted temporary visas as international students, working holiday makers or temporary skilled workers.

According the the ABS Website

  • In 2014-15, net overseas migration (NOM) reflected an annual gain of 168,200 persons, 9.8% less than in 2013-14.
  • An estimated 339,000 people moved interstate in 2014-15, a decrease of 2.9% from the previous year.
  • At 30 June 2015, 28.2% of Australia’s estimated resident population (ERP) (6.7 million people) was born overseas.
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