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Australia Needs A Population Policy

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No population strategy in place

Over the last few years Australia has been lacking a population strategy. Since Australia adopted the 2% sustainable population strategy growth target in 2011 but never gained traction due to difficulties in gaining political support and concerns about coercion.

National population policy need not be coercive – unlike, for example, in India or China. Instead, it can be a series of targets and connected policy domains with oversight.

An older population

With the release of the 2013 united nations survey the Australian government reported concerns about our population ageing and expressed a desire to increase the “too low” birth rate.

In Australia, we have time to prepare for, and make opportunities of the challenges of an ageing population. Some countries are facing very tough decisions now and it is interesting to watch the politics play out. With Japan, China and Germany already showing great concerns that they need to take action now.

Insightful guides are in place already. South Australia has had a population strategy since 2004. Tasmania recently adopted one.

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