Australia 'more attractive' than America for skilled IT workers
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Australia ‘more attractive’ than America for skilled IT workers

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America is famous for it’s big name IT hubs such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft headquarters – not to mention Silicon Valley. Due to this, many skilled IT workers from around the world put the United States of America at the top of their list.

However, America has recently changed their rules and quota system on eligibility for skilled workers and has inadvertently been inundated with applications, some of which have exceeded the annual quota within the first week of the applications opening.

With this increased competition as well as the current political discussion about building walls between America and Mexico, many skilled and qualified workers from Mexico are choosing the open doors of Australia over America. This move in attitude comes largely due to Australia’s ability to recognise the speed of growth in the IT sector and the demand for jobs in the industry. This is confirmed by the figures showing that 7 out of 10 immigrants are accepted on the basis of filling a void in skilled workers – particularly in the engineering sector.

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