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Australia makes the top ten for foreign investment

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With technology increasing the ease of communication and information sharing between countries, it has become much more viable for investors to safely invest in companies and assets overseas.

Australia has always been at the forefront of sustaining it’s industries and carefully monitoring the amount and mutual benefit of foreign investment into Australian business. This combination has put Australia at the top of a recent report published.

The World Investment Report 2015 is compiled and published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD). The report focuses on the amount foreign direct investment (FDI) injected into countries.  Australia has not surprisingly made the Top Ten of this report for four years in a row.

There are a number of reasons why Australia is such a popular destination for foreign investors and these include:

  • Australia’s strong economy
  • Strong visa and immigration policies
  • Investment and global trade relationships
  • History of successful innovation
  • Support and sanctions installed by the Australian government

When an investor makes a decision to invest overseas, it’s a bigger picture they always need to consider.  It must not just be the asset or business but also the country itself that must be carefully considered as a good place to conduct business.

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