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Australia Leads The World With Millionaire Immigrants

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It is not only backpackers that come to Australia in record breaking numbers, more than any other country, for two years running Australia has more millionaires than any other country in the world with the US second (10,000), Canada third (8000) followed by New Zealand fourth and the UK fifth.

According to there were 82,000 millionaire migrants compared to 64,000 migrants in 2015, Out of the 82,000 just over 11,000 of those headed to Australia paving the way for Australia being the top spot globally.

A strong influence is Chinese immigration with having a proximity to Asia making it easier for loved ones and friend to visit.   China has a growing number of millionaires and approximately 9000 of them headed for pastures new last year.

France had an even higher number of millionaires leaving their shores which was around the 12,000 mark.

The recent immigration ban in the US headed by Donald Trump or the fact that Australia was voted the safest place in the world to bring up your children could strongly correlate to the recent increase in people heading our way.

Australia having a very strong education system with qualifications recognised worldwide also has a strong impact on moving numbers.

Australia has introduced various visa programs to attract wealthy immigrants such as the Entrepreneur Investment Visa which has contributed to $3.8 billion to the Australian economy since 2012.

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