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Australia agrees to resettle 12,000 refugees

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Australian Resettle RefugeesIn a midst of the growing pressure from the public, politicians and other countries of the United Nations, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced yesterday that after reviewing the situation in Syria Australia would work to resettle 12,000 refugees at an approximate cost of $700 million over the next four years.

The growing crisis throughout the middle east has seen resources across Europe being stretched as countries deal with influxes of thousands of refugees daily.  The issue has stemmed from the reign and terrorism inflicted by the Islamic State (ISIS) throughout the Middle East, in particular Syria.

Australia already has it’s confirmed 13,750 humanitarian visas and the additional 12,000 refugees will be welcomed into Australia through the official application process, many of which will be processed by Christmas.

The Refugee Visa (subclass 200) requires the applicant to be deemed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as (UNHCR) to the Australian Government as being persecuted by their home country.  The visa needs to be processed when the applicant is either living outside of Australia or outside of their home country.  The Refugee Visa is a permanent visa.

The processing for these 12,000 approved refugees will be streamlined and fast tracked to ensure they are resettled within twelve months.



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