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Applying for a Family Visa to Australia

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One of the most common questions asked of our migration agents is ‘How do we apply for a family visa to Australia?’ As with applying for any Visa to live in Australia, the answer is not straight forward. There are many factors which are considered when applying for an Australian Visa the first of which, is which Visa you should apply for.

There are several Visa’s which fall under the family category such as:

* Carer visas

* Child visas

* Parent visas

* Relative visas

* Refugee and Humanitarian visas

* Resident or Former resident visa

* Retirement visas

* Bridging visas

Each one of these categories has several classes of visas available. The application process for applying for a family visa to Australia can be involved and often very emotional. If you are needing assistance with the application process, we have an experienced team based right here in Australia who can work through the process with you. Give us a call today.

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