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Announcement for Skilled Workers Visa 457 is great for Australian business

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Today the Assistant Minister for Immigration, Senator the Hon. Michaela Cash announced that the Australian Government has supported several recommendations made through an independent review of the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457).

The significance of this announcement is the benefit which will be received by both Australian business and Skilled workers. The current requirements for applicants to apply for a Temporary Work visa through the 457 program include having the required skills to fill the position of an approved business which is willing to sponsor you.

The recommendations that were recently made to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection were to help streamline the process and cut some of the red tape that both approved businesses and skilled workers were having to go through in order to work under the program. Streamlining the application and nomination process will reward Australian businesses who are correctly participating in the program by making it easier to sponsor a Skilled Worker.

The recommendations will also be ensuring those Temporary Work Skilled Visa applicants for the subclass 457 who are following the process correctly will be not be competing against individuals who are gaining their visa through being fraudulent (such as businesses accepting money from applicants in order to achieve their application).

Angela Chan who is National President of the Migration Institute Australia (MIA) applauded the recommendation which included:

* Less onerous and more realistic English language requirements for Visa applicants.

* Offering streamlined processing for Australian employers who are complying with sponsorship obligations.

* Implementing cross-checking between the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Immigration and border protection to ensure workers who are being employed under the 457 subclass are being paid the correct wages.

Another recommendation which was welcomed was the introduction of a government training fund which would be used to establish and support a variety of different Australian based training initiatives which would focus on programs such as apprenticeships and training for indigenous youth in rural areas.

Overall the recommendations have been seen as a positive move for the future of both Australian businesses whom are wanting to sponsor Skilled Workers and the Skilled workers themselves.

If you are interested in applying for the 457 program, please contact one of our experience migration agents who can assist with your questions and application.



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