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Ageing Population Contributing To Immigration

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Treasurer Scott Morrison has downplayed calls for Australia’s immigration intake to be lowered.

In Western Europe and Japan, there is a shortfall in people being born to replace people dying making economies unable to replace people leaving the workplace.

The annual growth in the non-working population is twice the rate of the working population.  This causes a shortfall in inflation, occupations in demand, economic growth and less cash in the banking system, all contributing to fewer people paying for services, products and all life’s necessities, which, in turn, eventually stem the flow of the Australian economy and infrastructure.

Mr Morrison quoted “Australians were concerned about governments making sure immigration programs were running well, and that borders were secure”.

“The Australian public have every reason to believe in our integrity and strength when it comes to making sure that we bring people who come to Australia to make a contribution to our country and not take one.

So long as our immigration program is focused on bringing people to the country who add value, then it is a net contributor to our economy,” he said.  The final decision is up to the former prime minister to make his case.

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