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ACT Announces Criteria Change For Limited Occupations

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At the beginning of October the ACT Small Business and Skills Department confirmed with registered Australian migration agents that the guidelines and criteria have been revised for what was previously listed as ‘Limited’ in The ACT Occupation List for the Skilled Nominated (190) Visa.

As of the 1st October 2014, that the ‘Limited’ occupations is now registered as ‘Closed occupations.’ So what does this mean for existing applicants? Nothing if your application was lodged prior to the 1st of October.

However, if an application was lodged prior to this date or is in the process of being lodged there are changes that applicants must be made aware of.  As advised through the MIA, these amendments to the Skilled Nominated (190) Visa in the ACT which is available for applicants living in Canberra or overseas are listed below.

The Definition of Close Family: The revised guidelines include the tightening on what is classed as close family through the Skilled Nomination (190) Visa application for overseas residents. Close family will only include the following family members: grandparents, parents, sister, brother, step siblings or step parents. The family members must be those of the main applicant or spouse/partner.

Employment in Skilled Occupation: Although graduates from interstate are still required to meet the 6 months employment term in the nominated occupation, Canberra residents and graduates are not required to be working in the nominated occupation criteria. This is subject to the requirement that they are working in a Skilled Occupation according to the ANZSCO skill level 1-4.

Documentation: Additional documentation will not be accepted after the application for the Skilled Nomination (190) Visa has been submitted.

More information can be found on the ACT Government Website otherwise you can contact one of our qualified and registered migration agents directly who can assist you with your application enquiries.

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