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A country in waiting – Australian election

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The polling booths have officially closed for the 2016 Australian Federal Election, but 4 days on the country seems to be no closer in announcing the government and Prime Minister who will run the country.

With the official voting day announced as the 2nd of July, the nation is still in waiting for the announcement of their official prime minister.  So why is it taking so long for the votes to be counted and the government to be confirmed?

  • The voting tally is extremely close with no landslide victory
  • Postal votes (approximately 1.5 million)  have until the 15th of July to be received
  • There are more than 1 million declaration votes (voted from outside of their electorate) to be counted

Current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull recently addressed the media on the concerns from the public and within the parliament of the current situation of Australian politics.

“There is no doubt that there is a level of disillusionment with politics, with government, and with the major parties. Our own included,” Mr Turnbull said at a recent press conference. “We note that. We respect it. Now, we need to listen very carefully to the concerns of the Australian people expressed through this election.”

It has been anticipated that the Prime Minister of Australia and parliament should be confirmed by the end of the week.

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