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8-Year Study shows Australians support immigration

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The results of a study by the Scanlon Foundation over the course of 8 years have shown Australians in a positive light when it comes to accepting immigration.

The study was tailored around monitoring the overall behaviour of the Australian public towards immigrants whilst also documenting specific ideals around the overall bigger picture of immigrants living in Australia. The study looked at a number of different aspects to reach it’s findings including:Migrating to Australia

  • Discrimination
  • Multiculturalism
  • Sense of belonging
  • Immigration

The results had a number of interesting findings including those living in major cities were seen as more accepting of immigration and believing Australian’s should learn more about different cultures.  Regional areas did not rank as high with their overall acceptance of immigration.

In summary 86% agree of those surveyed in the study agree that multiculturalism is of benefit to Australia in contrast to other findings of 35% which believe the annual intake of immigrants is too high.

With Australia continuing on with it’s reputation of embracing the diversity which immigration has to offer, it is of little surprise that the applications for visas to Australia also continues to rise.

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