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Understanding the Australian Skilled Occupation List and Its Replacement

If you would like to move to Australia and become a resident then you need to prove that you will be able to support yourself and that you will be of benefit to the country. The Australian government created a document known as the Australian skilled occupation list, which laid out skills and professions that…

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Immigration and the STSOL Australia Occupation List

If you are interested in moving to Australia to live and work, and you are planning to apply for skilled migration through a State or Territory government nomination, then you must specify your planned occupation, out of the ones on the STSOL list The STSOL Australia occupation list is the Short Term Skilled Occupation List.…

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March 2019 Skilled Visa News

Looking At The Projected Migration Program Ceiling 2019-2020 As things sit right now, the planned immigration ceiling for 2019-20 in Australia is a cap of 160,000. The emphasis is once again on applicants who bring in specific high demand skills. At this point over 67% (two-thirds) of the program is specifically allocated to skilled workers.…

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