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ANMAC – Skills assessments updates

There is an update for MIA members regarding The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC). ANMAC processed 5474 migration skills assessments during 2017/18 and accomplished great efficiency in assessments using the Electronic Document Submission system. 5 weeks is the current processing time for skills assessments. To keep within this time frame, the assessment team…

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WA to carry out Skilled Graduate occupation lists

It has been announced by the Western Australian Government that a new occupation list for skilled graduates of WA universities is being developed. High achieving education graduates, such as PhD, Masters and Honours, will have an opportunity to branch into skilled migration, focusing on State Nominated migration. It is also expected that the new list…

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What is the process to follow for Australian immigration?

You often hear in conversation the many “hoops” that need to be jumped through when applying for immigration to a particular country. Although there are always specific criteria that need to be adhered to when applying for an immigration visa no matter the chosen country. Australia has always been a favorite amongst potential immigrants, especially…

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How many points are required to get an Australian Permanent Residence Visa?

In recent years there has been a marked increase in the skilled immigration to Australia. Recently Australia was ranked the 4th best country to be a skilled immigrant and with the growth in jobs across the board for skilled and professional occupations, many have considered Australian immigration as a growth opportunity. Australia, just like any…

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