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Tips for students seeking to study in Australia

Key tips for students seeking to study in Australia will provide you with a broad overview on how to access to exceptional educational resources and learning opportunities including selecting your most suitable education provider. More students interested in academic success pursue the variety of courses available from top rated Australian schools and tertiary level institutions. Our…

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2018 Federal Budget impact for general practitioners seeking Australia immigration

Skilled Work Visas for General Practitioners in Australia The Federal Government has announced a plan to increase general practitioner numbers by improving the targeting of visas to areas experiencing experienced shortages from 1 January 2019. As part of the plan to ensure growth in overall doctor numbers, the Australian government will aim to bring in…

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Australian visa application refusals

Are you seeking assistance with Australian visa application refusals? Receiving a visa refusal decision notice for your visa application can be distressful. Generally decisions affecting visa refusals are aligned to the assessment criteria for the type of visa you have lodged. Your application and information you have provided to support your application is carefully cross…

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