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Chinese look to Australia for product supply

On the back of the baby formula contamination which forced the Chinese population to source their formula from elsewhere – including Australia, the pattern seems to be continuing with consumer confidence growing in Australian produce and products. The latest example of the Chinese demanding an Australian product has seen one of our most iconic brands…

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Queenslanders hit the polling booths for 2016

The Queensland quadrennial elections were held on Saturday the 19th of March to decide on the local candidates and city mayors.  As with any election in Queensland, small business and tourism seem to be the main topics in order for the area to sustain growth. There were many promises offered to help local businesses grow…

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Australian government issues travel warnings to Belgium

Whether you were watching the news unfold last night or woke up to the devastating footage this morning, the recent attacks on Brussels, the capital city of Belgium has created another caution for international travellers. Brussels airport and a metro station were the locations where separate bombings occurred in close time proximity to each other.…

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What is an investment visa?

Many clients who approach us are unsure of the available visa options to Australia. One of the most sort after visas to Australia are visas under the Business and Investment Visa stream. The reason for the popularity is the Australian governments commitment to ensure that the process of applying for an investment visa is as…

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Australian’s in favour of a ‘migration bloc’

A recent survey of 4000 people conducted by Mr Tim Hewish of the Royal Commonwealth Society  in London has shown a majority of support by Australians for a suggested ‘migration bloc’ between Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. So what is a migration bloc? A migration bloc is an agreement between countries of…

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Why South East Queensland attracts immigrants

Sydney and Melbourne are often perceived as the hot spots for international visa holders to move to when choosing to live in Australia, however there is another location that is becoming more and more popular.  South East Queensland officially spans across 22,420m2 from Tweed Heads through to Noosa.  The population of this region is approximately…

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Australian US Business Week 2016

The 2016 Australian Tourism Summit in the US has finished for another year with Tourism Australia showcasing travel opportunities to American retail travel agents.  This year marked the 4th year of the summit with Minister for Tourism and International Education Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck opening the event to the 285 registered guests. The invited…

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US changes Visa requirements – why you should check before you travel

The world is ever-changing and that goes for immigration laws.  There was a recent incident when an Australian couple have been left waiting to hear back from the US government if they are able to leave for their holiday to Hawaii in less than a months time. In this particular instance, Mr Rassoul Ghaznavi-Zadeh and…

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DIY Visa Applications and how we can help

Just like every person is different so are their capabilities when it comes to applying for a visa to Australia. Some of our clients require assistance from the very beginning of the application whereas some clients have already compiled the information and would just prefer their application to be lodged by a registered migration agent.…

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What are the three streams for the Business Innovation and Investment Visa?

Applying for a visa to live, work, study, invest or start up your own business in Australia is an involved process. One which could be made even more difficult if you’re not sure which Visa to apply for in the first place! This is why it is important to have a full understanding of your…

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