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Queensland is third most popular state for SIV

A recent report released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has revealed the distribution of successful Significant Investment Visa applicants across the states of Australia from the 1st of July 2015 through to the 31st of January. The results show the state of Victoria as the number one destination for SIV’s, with New…

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New Ministry Members sworn in to Australian parliament

Today saw the introduction of several new ministers to Australian Parliament after a number of ministers resigned due to various issues and allegations.  This is the third time Australian Prime Minister Macolm Turnball has been reshuffled his cabinet. Some of the new Ministers include: Deputy Prime Minister: Barnaby Joyce Trade Minister: Steve Ciabo Vocational Education…

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How Australia’s population of 24 million could affect immigration

It was recently announced that Australia’s population has officially reached 24 million people. This figure has sparked a lot of interest from different industries and government departments due to a majority of the population boom instigated from overseas immigration. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population is increasing by one person every minute…

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Singapore and Malaysia Property Investors rank Australia #1

It is a known fact amongst real estate agents, immigration agents, Investment Visa holders, economists and most of the Australian population, that the Chinese are leading the charge when it comes to snapping up property in Australia for investment. However, a recent survey conducted by a portal of www.realestate.com.au’s parent company, the REA Group, has…

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Minister to review Investment visa rules as application numbers fall

The Significant Investment Visa is a crucial part of the Australian Immigration system due to the financial gain for Australian business and industry.  It has been reported that there was a 90% decrease in applications to the Significant Investment Visa (SIV) resulting in an estimated loss of $5-$7 billion in investments. The suggested cause of…

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Queensland welcomes in the Chinese New Year

February 8th is not only a significant date on the Chinese calendar but it is also a time of year where businesses globally, slow down. Why? Because many international businesses rely on China for manufacturing, production and distribution and as a tradition, there is a two week holiday declared to help welcome in the Chinese…

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