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The best Australian industries to invest in

With our life expectancy getting longer, it’s only natural for people want to look at the option of investment as a way to protect their future.  Australia as a country is a land rich with investment opportunities for both domestic and international investors.  With the country’s diversity in land, population and industries there are several…

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Why people are moving to Brisbane

The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular cities for foreigners relocating to Australia – and with good reason.  Normally overshadowed by the famous landmarks of Sydney and the culture of Melbourne, Brisbane is now stepping out on it’s own with many Australian’s moving interstate to take up residence…

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Entrepreneurial Visa’s to encourage innovation to Australia

Australia’s innovation industry has had a difficult time over the past few years through changes of local and state governments cutting funding to many research and funding grants. Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne, recently announced that the newly released Entrepreneurial Visa Scheme to Australia would have no cap on numbers upon it’s commencement in order to…

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Australian working visas to UK questioned in report

Every year thousands of Australian’s travel over to the United Kingdom to work, live and travel.  The relationship between the two countries has always been a strong one bound by the connection through the Commonwealth union. However, a new report from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has implied that the relationship will soon…

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Australian government cracks down on illegal payments for Visa’s

The Australian government recently announced it will be prosecuting businesses whom have been proved guilty of receiving monetary payments in return for sponsoring a visa applicant. The announcement comes on the back of several individuals and companies being reported for receiving what can be referred to as ‘pay-offs’ in exchange for sponsorship into Australia. With…

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Applying for a Partner Visa to Australia

With many Australian companies recruiting skilled foreign workers, the flow-on effect is then felt through their partners who are left behind. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have several avenues available depending on the individual circumstances. Who can apply for a partner visa to Australia? The Partner visa subclasses are specifically designed for people…

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China, USA and Singapore lead the way in Australian property investment

Australia offers a lifestyle like no other and many overseas investors are recognising this through their investment in Australian Property.  The capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are the current hotspots for international property investment with Queensland’s Gold Coast and Brisbane also rating a mention. The reason so many foreign investors are interested in…

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The importance of FDI in Australia

FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment and is one of the most important aspects in Australia’s economy.  The Australian government invests a lot in FDI across many fields such as: Information portals:  The government has created many resources targeted towards foreign investors such as the government funded website explaining the different industries International relations: the…

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How to apply for a Student Visa in Australia

Australia is continuing to establish it’s reputation as one of the best countries for international students with a large range of exceptional tertiary education facilities all over the country.  The amount of foreign students choosing to study in Australia is growing every year.  Due to this growing number of applicants and the limited spaces available…

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Why Australia is a great country for education

Australia is a popular destination for international students wanting to study at university but it is also a popular choice for families looking at education options for their children. Australia has a world-class reputation for education starting from child-care all the way through to Universities. The Department of Education and Australian government have worked closely…

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