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Corporate Immigration Services

Technology is making the business world smaller and more connected which is why there is such growing demand for corporate, business and investor visas – particularly for Australia.  It is now possible for people to live in one country and manage a business internationally. As any individual in business would appreciate, when it comes to…

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Decrease in Invitations issued for SkillSelect

The national SkillSelect program is established to compliment the Skilled Visa schemed where applicants have to firstly submit their interest before receiving an application to apply through the official channels. Figures released this month on the industries and trades under demand have revealed that several occupations will either be unavailable until next year or are…

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Why it’s important to get your family visas right

There’s not many people who take their lucky lifestyle in Australia for granted. With the recent turmoil happening across Europe as hundreds of thousands of people are flocking from their war-torn countries, it brings home the desperation some people are going through to get their families to a safe country. Whilst a majority of immigrants…

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Provisional Visa applicants to contribute to Victorian economy

There have been a lot of requirements and changes come through the immigration department of the state of Victoria.  With the states of Australia running separately from each other across a number of different visa schemes, the Victorian government is ensuring that it’s visa schemes and applicants are benefiting the state through industry, experience, trade…

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Government updates Significant Investor Visa applications for Victoria

The Department of Immigration and Border Security has put a strong emphasis on streamlining the visa application processing times across all aspects of immigration.  This would enable a more efficient and real-time processing of visa applications. One of the changes working towards this streamlined processing is segregating specific regions and enabling that states government to…

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New Prime Minister for Australia

There has been speculation amongst the media over the past few months that there would be a leadership challenge within the presiding Liberal government. Last night this speculation became a reality with an internal vote announced for cabinet members to attend and decide once and for all who would be the agreed upon Prime Minister…

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SkillSelect releases new updates

The SkillSelect program is an online system  introduced by the Australian Government to allow prospective applicants for Skilled Visas to register for the required Expression Of Interest (EOI).  The system allows Australian businesses and employers to access the registered EOI’s and source skilled workers.  The Australian Government is also able to invite applicants to apply…

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Australia agrees to resettle 12,000 refugees

In a midst of the growing pressure from the public, politicians and other countries of the United Nations, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced yesterday that after reviewing the situation in Syria Australia would work to resettle 12,000 refugees at an approximate cost of $700 million over the next four years. The growing crisis throughout…

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Immigration crisis in Europe

It has been hard to escape the disturbing pictures filtering through the media of desperate citizens trying to leave their war-torn countries for a better life.  The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has responded by announcing that a proposed 20,000 Syrian refugees would be eligible to resettle in the United Kingdom over the next five…

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Who determines skill shortages in Australia?

“Who determines skill shortages in Australia?” is a question we are often asked. When a profession has been added or removed from the skilled shortages recommendations, this inadvertently effects the skilled visa applicants who may be applying for that profession. The Australian government receives reports and recommendations from the Department of Employment which then go…

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