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Hong Kong Visa applicants biometric testing

A change in the visa application process was introduced to Hong Kong applicants on the 22nd of May. Any visa applicants who are in Hong Kong at the time of their visa application to Australia will be required to provide biometric data with their application. What is biometric data? Biometric data is computer data (as…

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Australia Week receives an $18 million boost

With the pending June 30 deadline for many of the current government schemes and spending approaching, the Australian federal budget is still a relevant point of conversation for many businesses and industries. The budget itself is never without controversy with funding cut from one area and boosted in another. The decisions made by Treasurer the…

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How do I apply for Australian Citizenship?

Australia is one of the best countries in the world to live in when it comes to lifestyle, education and business opportunities. This is particularly evident due to the annual increase in numbers of applications for Australian Citizenship.  Applying for Australian Citizenship is an involved process and starts with proving eligibility. As per the Department…

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Victorian Government works to support SIV

The Significant Investor Visa has been gaining a lot of attention lately with the confirmation of the new Premium Investment Visa. The Victorian Government in particular, is working hard to support the new recommendations that have been introduced to the Significant Investor Visa stream which come into effect after the 22nd of April 2015. Victoria…

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Why Australia needs International Students

Australia is a country of multiculturalism and considering the geography of distance from most other countries, it’s popularity with visitors, families, business people and indeed students, says a lot for the appeal that Australia holds. The opportunities that Australia offers spans across many aspects such as lifestyle, business, investment and education. International students from every…

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New reform announced for Working Holiday Visas

A growing concern from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about possible exploitation of the current Working Holiday visa programme has resulted in the introduction of a new reform.  Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash announced the change on the back of “The current arrangements can provide a perverse incentive for visa holders to agree…

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The Business Benefits of using a Migration Agent

Anyone who is in business, knows how easy it is to be burdened with unnecessary paperwork.  The same can be said for applying for a Business or Investment Visa to Australia which is why business owners and professionals choose to use the services of qualified migration agents and lawyers. The benefits an experienced and registered…

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New framework announced for Significant Investor and Premium Investor Visas

The 1st of July is an important date for many of the changes announced in the recent Australian Federal Budget. It is also a date of significance for the Significant Investor Visas and Premium Investor Visas where the new framework instigated from the Government’s 2014 Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda will be implemented. The Agenda…

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Federal Budget announces increase to Visa Application Charges

There were a lot of big changes and shake-ups announced in this weeks Australian Federal Budget. One significant change that directly affects the migration industry is the increase to Visa Application Charges (VAC). Many Visa applications to Australia have received an increase in application fees, some as much as 50%. The increase in the VAC’s…

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Changes to English Language requirements

It is one of the most important factors in order for migrants to integrate into the Australian culture and that is, to speak and understand the English language.  From the 18th of April a change was implemented by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to the minimum English Language test scores for two specific…

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