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Call for South African Engineers to Work in Australia

The growing demand for Skilled Workers in Australia, especially in the Engineering sector, is resulting in international workers being called upon to fill the spaces. The Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa (subclass 476) is available to applicants who are under 31 years of age, meet specified health requirements and demonstrate proficiency in the English language.  The applicant…

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Can I update my application once it’s submitted?

The processing times for Visas to Australia can be extremely long which is why we suggest to use a reptuable migration agent, such as Mygration Australia, to assist with the process. Delays in processing can occur for many reasons irrespective of the Visa you have applied for whether it be a Skilled Workers Visa, Family…

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Skilled Nomination Programme almost filled

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recently announced that places for the 2014-2015 programme for the Skilled Nomination Visa are close to being filled. So what does this mean? It means first and foremost that processing times for submitted applications will be longer as these are points tested Visa’s. The Department has advised that…

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Australia and Vietnam work towards reciprocal work visas

Senator Michaelia Cash, Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection announced the signing of a MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) for a reciprocal work holiday visa between Australia and Vietnam. The Work and Holiday arrangement has been seen as mutually beneficial by both the Australian Minister of Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Sutton and Mr Nguyen…

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Announcement for Skilled Workers Visa 457 is great for Australian business

Today the Assistant Minister for Immigration, Senator the Hon. Michaela Cash announced that the Australian Government has supported several recommendations made through an independent review of the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457). The significance of this announcement is the benefit which will be received by both Australian business and Skilled workers. The current requirements…

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Migration to contribute $1.6 trillion to Australian economy by 2050

The Migration Council Australia recently released a report ‘The Economic Impact of Migration’ affirming the importance and financial gain that Australia receives from migration. “Migration will be adding $1.6 trillion to Australia’s GDP. So in a single year, about 40 per cent of GDP will be owing, in some form, to the migration program that…

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How do I find a registered migration agent?

Applying for a Visa can be a daunting process especially if you are a family moving to Australia and have more than one application to complete. This is when using the services of a registered migration agent are beneficial. Depending on the type of application and your individual circumstances, there can also be a lot…

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How can you buy a business in Australia?

Australia is a very appealing country to live in due to the lifestyle, weather, education, employment and business opportunities. As a nation Australia thrives on both small and big business to sustain the economy. Many business owners from overseas have recognised the many opportunities Australia has to offer when it comes owning their business. The…

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Where should you live when you move to Australia?

When applying for a Visa to live and/or work in Australia most applicants already have an idea on which area of the country they will be moving to. However, some applicants may have a few destinations to choose from. There are many factors to take into consideration when you finally decide on where your ‘base’…

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