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Australian properties hit with $5k increase for foreign buyers

Yesterday Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey announced plans to add application fees to foreign buyers who are purchasing property in Australia. The application fee will be determined by the price of the property paid. * Properties purchased under $1million dollars will incur a $5,000 fee * Properties purchased over $1million will incur…

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Australian Government to strengthen immigration laws in light of terrorism threats

Dual citizens will be stripped of their citizenship rights if they are proven to be involved with terrorism including foreign fighters returning to Australia.  On Monday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced in a national security statement that in addition to citizenship being reviewed, the immigration process will also go through some changes.  “These could include…

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Austrade recommended to be a nominator for the Significant Investor Visa

Last year the government announced that it would be reviewing the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) stream in addition to Austrade becoming an additional nominated stream for investment visas. The proposed changes for the SIV were suggested by the Assistant for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator Michaelia Cash. To apply for the Significant Investor Visa the…

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Studying in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students wanting to study abroad. Our reputation for quality education and many programs in place at Australian Universities to cater for international students makes Australia a very appealing option. There are several Visa options available for those wishing to study here in Australia including: Student…

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Foreign Investment Review being recommended by the Abbott Government

The Australian Government and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have announced a change in the screening process for the purchase of Australian agricultural land by foreign investors. Currently in order for a land purchase to come under review by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), the purchase of land was to be to the value of…

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Why South African’s Love Australia

Australia is the third most popular country for South Africans to move to on a permanent basis. The appeal of Australia’s lifestyle, job opportunities and education has seen the numbers of South African’s applying to live and work in Australia continue to increase each year. There are many opportunities for families or individuals from South…

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NSW Government changes system for Skilled Nominated migration

New South Wales is the home to Sydney, Newcastle and plenty of sun and surf. The state has also become home to a growing amount of Skilled Nominated Visa holders with the numbers applicants exceeding demand. The popularity of NSW is apparent with the state holding the largest state skills visa nomination program in Australia.…

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Can I get sponsored to live and work in Australia?

This is one of the most common questions asked from Visa applicants who have business interests or family already living in Australia. The process of getting sponsorship to live and work in Australia depends on your personal situation. There are several avenues available to those looking for sponsorship. Though an employer If you are wanting…

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