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Queensland Makes Moves to Become More Popular

The state of Queensland has lost her crown as the most popular Australian state to live in with Western Australia taking the throne with an annual growth rate 3.1 per cent over the last quarter. With its amazing beaches and hospitable weather, the ‘Sunshine State’ is having to pull out the big guns to clamber…

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Looking for a Migration Agent? Make sure you do your research!

The role of a registered migration agent is to assist and advise you on which visa is suitable for your situation and to help ensure the research and process of application is adhered to and lodged accurately. However, it is advisable for you as the Visa applicant to do a bit of research on the…

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Sri Lanka‘s ‘Stopping the Boats’ Creates More Visas for Australia

Last month Immigration Minister Scott Morrison publicly recognised and thanked the efforts of the Sri Lankan Government for working with Australian agencies to combat the transnational crime of people smuggling to Australian shores. “The Sri Lankan authorities are committed to combating people-smuggling and continue to disrupt people-smuggling ventures all over the island.” Mr Morrison further…

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A Lifestyle Investment

Australia has always been famous for it’s incredible lifestyle and with lifestyle comes opportunity! Australia has seen a growing number of overseas investors who are making the most of the country’s countless opportunities to invest in business through Australia’s Significant Investment Visas or industry. With an abundance of options ranging from agriculture to tourism, renewable…

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