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Greece And Australia To Go On Holiday

Last week the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Scott Morrison, confirmed that a reciprocal agreement had been signed between Australia and Greece for a Work Holiday Visa arrangement. “This arrangement, when brought into effect, will enable up to 500 young adults from Greece and 500 young adults from Australia to enjoy a…

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Getting Healthy for your Visa for Australia

We all know that our health is the most important thing in our lives. The same can be said when you’re applying for your Visa to Australia. Whether it be a Skilled Independent Visa, Business Investment Visa, Family Visa or Work Visa, the Australian Government needs to make sure that you’re fighting fit before you…

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Should We Live in Australia? We think so!

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia can certainly seem a long way from the rest of the world. Our closest neighbor of New Zealand is a 4 hour flight away, while it takes over 6 hours to fly across Australia itself. The Australian Government has recognized that a lifestyle change to the land Down Under…

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Big Boost on the Horizon for Skilled Engineers

The recently released Australian federal budget projected a lot of necessary Government spending. The big spend that got everyone’s attention was the $11.6 billion investment package for roads and infrastructure. While some shook their heads at the huge dollar value of this spend on infrastructure, there is one group in particular that is rejoicing at…

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Government Treading Carefully with Skilled Migrants

After the boost to numbers of Skilled Visas for Australia made available through last week’s federal Budget, the Australian Government is treading very carefully in an effort to not over saturate particular job markets whilst still encouraging people to immigrate to Australia and fill jobs that are unable to be filled. As stated in the…

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The Federal Budget Pushes Skilled Visas for Australia to the Top of the List

Last week when the 2014-2015 Australian Federal Budget was announced there were cuts in spending, new taxes implemented, government departments axed and quite a few tears.  However, there was some good news amongst the bad with the government detailing in the 2014-2015 migration program that a total of 190,000 Australian visas will be available, 70…

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Breaking News: Visas for Australia Applications for Non-contributory Parent, Remaining Relative, Carer and Aged Dependent Visas will be ceasing

The federal Budget not only announced cuts to Government departments, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have also confirmed to the Migration Institute of Australia that the following Visa classes will be ceasing in the very near future but have not specified a date. The ceasing date could be in force any…

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Migration in Australia gets audited!

Its not just the accounts that get audited, on the 1st May the National Commission of Audit’s released a report aptly titled ‘Towards Responsible Government’ The report made 56 recommendations with several of the recommendations pertaining to migration matters including Visa processing, review tribunals, illegal maritime arrivals and the always present topic of border protection…

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Australian Government Cracks Down on Illegal Workers

Several weeks ago the area of Carabooda in Western Australia resembled a Hollywood action movie with police cars and vans flooding the area after an investigation led authorities to a compound suspected of housing an organised crime syndicate and approximately 180 foreign nationals who were under suspicion of being used as illegal workers. The 180…

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Migrants Needed to Fill the Gap for NT Labour Shortage

The Northern Territory, Darwin in particular, has a long standing history of accepting and embracing migrant workers, especially those from Asia.  This precedent is about to be put to the test with Chief Minister Adam Giles currently in talks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and federal Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison in regards to encouraging…

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