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Employer 457 Visa Sponsor Nomination Ceilings removed

From the 14 February 2014, one of the first of many 457 legislation upcoming changes were implemented. Previously all standard business sponsors approval was subject to nomination ceiling. This meant that if the SBS was approved the number of nominations that the employer could sponsor was included in that approval. Therefore if the employer reached…

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New Streamlined Student Visa eligible providers

Streamlined student visa processing (SVP)is for international students who wish to study Higher Education in Australia. Being eligible for Streamlined visa processing means that the requirements for the student visa are less stringent than student visas not subject to SVP. This affects the students financial and processing times for the Higher education visas. From 22…

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China visitors to Australia overtake the UK

Due to the Australian government ‘open for business’ campaign driven by our Prime Minister, China has been taking advantage of this initiative by frequently visiting Australia in search of new business opportunities. The Immigration Minister and Trade and Investment Minister have recognized the benefit to the tourism industry and have therefore instituted a three year…

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