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Skilled migration changes

The following occupation has been added to the SOL list (Schedule1) for skilled migration only


Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) and its assessing authority the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

The following occupations have been removed from the SOL list (Schedule1) to Schedule 2 of the CSOL:


Hospital Pharmacist, Retail Pharmacist, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics), Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures).


This means that all persons who nominate the above occupations, will no longer be able to apply for independent /Nominated Skilled migration with these occupations. Only Employer nominated/State nominations will be able to nominate applicants who hold these occupations. This includes temporary and permanent sponsorships.

New Sol list post 1 July 2013


The following occupation has been added to the CSOL list (Schedule2) for employer/state nominations only


Procurement Manager (assessing authority Australian Institute of Management)


Intellectual Property Lawyer



Kennel Hand (assessing authority VETASSESS).


The following occupation has been removed from the CSOL list (Schedule2) for employer/state nominations only


Anatomist or Physiologist

New CSOL list post 1 July 2013:


Skills Assessing Authority changes


The Primary Health Organisation Manager occupation will no longer be assessed with ANMAC. The new assessing authority for this occupation will be VETASSESS.

Australian Community Workers Association as a new assessing authority which will handle all skills assessment for the occupation of Welfare Centre Manager.


Changes to occupation titles, codes and classifications introduce latest version of the ANZSCO according to the


Many occupations have been added or deleted on the Australian Bureau of statistics website producing an updated version of the ANZSCO titles Version 1.2. Changes applied to the coding, new occupations, new tasks and amended alternative titles. For more information see:

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