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Lower Working Holiday Maker Tax Proposal Welcomed in Senate

The current Australian government has received further support from the Australian Greens to Lower Working Holiday Maker tax from the current 32.5 per cent for every dollar earned to 15 per cent for 417 and 462 visa holders, consistent with the rate applicable to visa holders under the Seasonal Workers Program, consistent with the rate […]

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Changes to 457 temporary skilled work visa

FOREIGN workers now have less time to reapply for work in Australia under new changes to the 457 temporary skilled work visa. Peter Dutton the Immigration and Border Protection Minister put changes to Parliament in October under which come into force on Saturday 19th October 2016, foreign workers will now only have 60 days to […]

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Department warns of Visa-Free hoax websites

With immigration information and policies being constantly updated, it can be hard keeping track of what is legitimate information compared to fraudulent information – especially in regards to migrating to Australia. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has issued a statement warning visa applicants about hoax websites and businesses advertising ‘visa-free arrangements’ between Australia […]

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Donald Trump announced as new president of the United States

It was one of the most highly anticipated elections of the last decade as the citizens of America went to the voting polls to vote in their new President.  Democrat Senator Hilary Clinton was running against Republican Donald Trump for the esteemed job in the oval office. Although Senator Clinton was always portrayed as the […]

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Illegal workers detained in Western Australia

The Australian Border Force (ABF) released a statement regarding the recent detainment of 14 illegal workers who were under employment at a Western Australian farming property.  The workers were from Malaysia and Indonesia and were all working illegally at the property.  Several had had their working visas cancelled due to breaching visa conditions while the […]

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International student being investigated for money laundering

When a Brisbane-based international student who was studying Master of Creative Industries at QUT purchased a $2.6 million home, authorities became suspicious of her intentions and motives for studying in Australia. Thai Ngoc Han Do is being investigated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) due to her unusual behaviour of transferring large sums of money […]

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New visa proposed: Temporary Parent Visa

When it comes to family, applying for a visa can be a very emotional and stressful time.  At Mygration Australia we have assisted with many families applying for visas in order to keep them together as a family and enjoy their life in Australia. The Parental Visa has always been a very demanding application simply […]

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Britain confirms there are no plans to increase Australian immigration

After the excitement of Brexit, the UK has been carefully watched by countries around the world in anticipation of changes to their immigration policy. One earlier speculation reported a proposal to potentially increase the number of Australian’s granted visas to live and work in the UK to somewhat subsidize the void in the workforce left […]

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Border Force strike action predicted to cause delays around Australia

The ongoing pay and conditions dispute with the Australian Immigration and Border Force staff and the Australian government has resulted in the announcement that workers will commence industrial strike action across airports and cruise ship terminals across Australia. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection does not endorse the action and has advised that security […]

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Australia’s call out for engineering, medicine and nursing students

A recent study by a migration agent from the University of Melbourne has resulted in some interesting figures being released showing an under-lying demand for graduated students in several specific fields.  The study showed that international students who had successfully completed their studies and wanted to work in Australia were able to find employment in […]

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